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The Montreal Heart Institute is currently recruiting 30,000 people to help advance the knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases.
All patient samples and data gathered for this project will form a “biobank“ that researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute and their collaborators will use to better understand, among other things, the genetic basis of cardiovascular diseases.

Who can participate?
Anyone who has used the services of the MHI is eligible to participate in the project, whether they have suffered from cardiovascular problems or not.

What does participating in this project involve?
You will meet with a research nurse who will explain to you the nature of your participation, which involves: reading and signing a consent form, a blood draw (non-fasting) and answering questions regarding your medical and family history, among others.
Your medical state will be updated during your whole life using the Montreal Heart Institute and governmental databases.

Why create this biobank ?
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in developed countries. We currently know the risks involved in these diseases. Some of them are related to our lifestyle: excess cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, dietary habits, obesity and insufficient physical activity.
There are also other risk factors that are out of our control such as age, sex and our genetic makeup (or heredity). Although it is well established that a link between genetic determinants and cardiovascular disease exists, there are many aspects still not known about the complexity of this phenomenon.
With this Biobank, the Montreal Heart Institute aims at advancing knowledge in cardiovascular disease and helping develop persona-lized medicine.

Your participation is essential to achieve this !

We will be happy to explain the details of this project if you call this number:

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